Singapore-Based Crypto Exchange DragonEx Has Been Hacked, exchange reports loss of customers’ funds

Singapore-Based Crypto exchange DragonEx has been hacked, exchange reports loss of customers’ funds

On Monday (25th of March), Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange DragonEx announced through its official Telegram channel that it had been hacked, and that cryptoassets belonging to the exchange as well as to its users had been “transferred and stolen.” The last update on Reddit was three days ago, while DragonEx remained silent on Twitter.

No information has yet been provided on the value of the losses.

In its announcement, the company explained: “On March 24th, DragonEx has [sic] encountered attacks from hackers, our users’ crypto assets and Platform crypto assets were transferred and stolen.”

On Sunday, apparently as the breach was first being discovered, DragonEx first took its platform offline saying it was upgrading its systems. Later the same day, it announced that it was “still working on system maintenance,” before finally disclosing that it had been hacked yesterday.

In the statement, it’s further added that part of the assets have already been retrieved and that the company is doing its best in order to recover the rest of the stolen assets.

These coins were then transferred to leading exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, and Huobi. As of press time, the coins transferred from the above addresses were frozen on Huobi and

The exchange said that several judicial administrations including Estonia, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong were informed about the attack, while adding it was assisting the police with its investigation.
Additionally, DragonEx said further details about the attack will be revealed in a week and also noted it would take responsibility for the loss caused to its users.

In updates on the hack today, DragonEx’s Telegram admin provided wallet addresses for 20 cryptocurrencies to which the stolen funds had apparently been transferred. The list included the top five cryptos by market capitalization: bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), XRP, litecoin (LTC) and EOS, as well as the tether stablecoin (USDT) for which six destination addresses were provided.

  • BTC: 3BorUkWNFECFDoX877BSd2aPdRbPjPj45C
  • ETH: 0xa7f72bf63edeca25636f0b13ec5135296ca2ebb2
  • EOS: worldfoxprin whatagoodeos
  • XRP: r4y4SZNzZDQdFR51RTFq23cjUvtV3WWzHx
  • ETC: 0x39c46975becee0e12eb384d066228600e02ab82a
  • NEO: ASwwE8eG2LecYezPUz3UQnBzgbNqoySiLQ
  • ABBC: AYQz4Zruq16pC8uBF3ThUraWWUo2tTWCaP
  • LTC: MS2hm59R95XUxek6vxSTSRjfkNHT3CA8gU
  • BCHABC: qz7r39tdkcq497p9d9mpftzaqh6v228x0uw6z4lf38
  • XMR: f5f32732ef34e38bd9570dcca9e4d1e2ebb00938e97af06fbfd8dd1e26de85c2
  • ADA: Ae2tdPwUPEZ6CZNg5kVEcobu1WQfYzdmRPGkgUFiLZ1Wz4cehQhu82HYBNh
  • ONT: AQj5xK8vKdu3mpaTj2LwW9nc734160Vagy
  • TRX: TJeMF6CpEDeG94UAF7d4dzjXkgrwwtDGFB
  • BTM: bm1qcnz52kmsxj8t8nww8eezp387e3dafl8e0k3fse
  • XAS: A5DgXp3mt7TBsnqnwoRosczaEavSTWY1WY
  • ICX: hxaca4668f3b18693701c6e220b4a8986095ab7b19
  • QTUM: QaXoHzBF9nmh5FHzgnamY33Pb11UexTsrc
  • USDT:
  • 1P4cdD9kTFGV6wmFxbeoZXosRNUrMrMbmN
  • 1JBoGBv7GnqN6ncEi9aSU71gobcMG9R1Ca
  • 114F7vWREusZTRGcEZGoTAuhWvq8T5tzxR
  • 1HapWDybdWW1H61saGokQ88xVaHvfukgu2
  • 17gqLwmBxdmKEP8vaBEn2ghHvj4vqCiR6q
  • 1B6t6RnVMpTQKhbXsr8hNB3DiyXSSkomkU

The exchange also stated: “We earnestly request help from all our fellow exchanges and other industry strength, please help us to investigate and traced the assets, freeze them and stop the assets flows.”