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Dave Gordon (17)
Iran vows to “punish” those responsible for shooting down Ukrainian plane as they start making arests

I've been in the news scene for over 20 years, working with private and non-profit news organizations. I started contributing online back in 2013. My field of expertise focuses on social issues. But, since the internet is a very competitive place, I do cover news in a diverse list of categories.

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Kay Franklin (25)
Migrant rescue ship will be permitted to dock in France

Hi, I'm Kay. I'm a professional journalist and blogger from Cardiff. I enjoy writing stories about health, lifestyle, or anything that focuses on one's well-being — the discovery of new and innovative ways in the health industry fuels my wildest imaginations.

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Morris Arnold (57)
Expanded Pinterest TV Shopping launches to Canada ahead of the winter holidays

Hi, I'm Morris, the newbie of the bunch. I'm currently finishing my professional journalism degree at Cardiff University. With passion, I'm here to deliver news that matters. Catch my opinion contents daily.

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Terrance Bryant (41)
Iran’s supreme leader calls Trump a clown, praises missile attack in rare appearance

I've been delivering informative pieces since 2015. I received my professional journalism degree from the London School of Journalism.

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