Expanded Pinterest TV Shopping launches to Canada ahead of the winter holidays


Pinterest is mounting a stronger push into live-stream retail, with the expansion promoting new video shopping features as the Christmas season approaches.

JENNY BIRD, Wayfair, and NUDESTIX are among the businesses taking part in the new project. The displayed content will be segmented by vertical, with an emphasis on present-giving and Xmas shopping.

“Pinterest is kicking-off ‘Shop the Holidays on Pinterest TV’ with 10 hours of daily programming running from November 15-18th in Canada and the US. Over sixty brands and four major North American publishers are taking part in the series, which will include over 40 hours of shoppable content. […]

“Brands will showcase popular gift guide products, announce discounts and flash sales”, declared the visual social network’s representatives.

Based on the concept’s tremendous rise in Asian countries, live-stream shopping remains an essential area of opportunity for any social app pursuing commerce. For instance, in China, real-time retail is expected to generate more than $US180 billion in revenues in 2022, almost tripling when compared to 2019.

In response, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are all investigating live shopping development opportunities, which are meant to promote a solid foundation for economic growth for both creators and platforms.

Furthermore, Pinterest is collaborating with selected publishers on festive ‘gift guides’ in the app, which will offer followers and supporters more gift ideas.

A broader issue, though, is that eCommerce has not maintained the rate of expansion seen during the Covid-19 outbreak. Generally, once real stores reopened, online sales have regressed to the average rate, and the popularity of live-stream purchasing has also decreased among western audiences.

However, this Christmas season appears to be the ideal time for platforms to make a strong push to see if they can tackle more interest from their customers.

Source: socialmediatoday.com