God of War Ragnarök is the fastest selling PlayStation game ever

God of War Ragnarök - Sony

God of War: Ragnarök, Sony’s newest action-adventure game, which was released on November 9, has become the fastest-selling game of all time.

Ragnarok, the sequel to 2018’s God of War, sold 5.1 million copies in its first week, more than any other first-party PlayStation title ever did. The previous record was held by The Last Of Us Part 2 which sold 4 million copies in its first three days. However, according to Sony, Ragnarök‘s weekly total surpassed it.

“Congratulations to @SonySantaMonica for making God of War Ragnarök the fastest-selling first party launch game in PlayStation history!” twitted PlayStation on 23rd November.

Ragnarök received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics, who praised it for its gameplay advancements over its predecessor as well as its plot, characters, graphics, and level design. Among several other nominations, it is currently a frontrunner for Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2022.

Cory Barlog, God of War director and God of War Ragnarök producer, wrote on Twitter: “Narrative/story mean so many things in games. Their delivery method and frequency differ in all games. Because games are what they are, I feel there is narrative/story in ALL games. While non-traditional in its manifestation, they all take us on a unique and moving journey.”

“basically, I think all games should be nominated for story and narrative in some way because they all have them in some way that is solely and completely unique to the world of games. but that’s just me. what do I really know?”

Cory Barlog

The game currently holds a 94 percent score on Metacritic, same as both the original 2005 and the 2018 installments. A game review from IGN reads: “Reflecting its core themes, it’s everything a sequel should be: respectful of its legendary lineage, but not afraid to take it to exciting new places. God of War Ragnarök is an almighty achievement and creates a new high that makes many of its peers look positively mortal by comparison.” The publication gave the game a 10/10 score.

Source: gamesradar.com