Versailles is hosting a rave party this summer in the Hall of Mirrors

Versailles is hosting a rave party this summer in the Hall of Mirrors

France’s Château de Versailles will soon add another event of historic proportions to its repertoire.

The Palace of Versailles is hosting a rave in its iconic Hall of Mirrors – and unlike the baroque Queen’s taste, this party is actually affordable.

For as little as 22 euros, both fans of French history and electronic music can get it down Marie Antoinette style at the “Versailles Électro,” by entering the outlandish event where a group of DJs will perform in the palace’s famed Hall of Mirrors. The manicured gardens that adjoin the Hall will be transformed into a giant dance floor for attendees.

The Château de Versailles often hosts classical music concerts, balls and other cultural events, but this is the first time the palace will venture into the festival space. Thanks to a variety of recent contemporary art exhibitions that have showcased original works throughout the palace and its gardens by famous artists like Hiroshi Sugimoto and Anish Kapoor, a younger, more on-trend crowd has started to make their way to that tourist hotspot.

The electronic music event will likely also bring in a more youthful type of visitor, adding to the 10 million tourists Versailles already sees each year.

The one night only party, held on the 8th of June, is in part being put together by DJ and former Daft Punk manager Busy P, and his record label, Ed Banger Records. The label holds a top spot when it comes to the electronic music scene and will bring with it members Breakbot x Irfane, Myd, and So Me.

Guests also have the option to upgrade their experience, with multiple levels of VIP tickets. The highest, priced at 160 euros, promises access to a private lounge, an unlimited buffet, and a couple glasses of champagne. Why not? There’s no better place to go big than Versailles.

The event’s organizers have told the press that: “This timeless evening is part of the Versailles tradition of the first festivals of the Sun King’s time and also echoes Versailles, cradle of French electro“.

The picture-perfect landscaped gardens next to the hall will be transformed into a giant dancefloor where guests can party like royalty.

The cheaper early bird tickets start from €22 (approximately £18) online, while standard tickets will be €30 (approx £25) online.

However, if you do fancy channelling your inner French royal, there are VIP packages on offer from €160 which include access to a private lounge, an unlimited buffet and a few glasses of champagne.

For more information you can visit official Versailles Électro website .

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