Lego Trolls Tesla With Smaller, Cheaper Cybertruck Challenger

Lego Trolls Tesla With Smaller, Cheaper Cybertruck Challenger

“The evolution of the truck is here. Guaranteed shatterproof,” the toy company wrote on Facebook.

The all-plastic rig features a grey Lego brick attached to a four-wheeled platform: Simple, cheap, and easy to make.

Musk last week unveiled the Cybertruck—a Blade Runner-esque wedge of stainless-steel and “unbreakable” glass that already has 250,000 pre-orders.

Despite the fanfare, Tesla’s latest endeavor still has a few kinks to work out, including indestructible windows that can indeed crack.

Toy company Lego has introduced a tongue-in-cheek ‘competitor’ to Tesla’s James Bond-like Cybertruck vehicle with its very own indestructible pickup truck made from their trademark 2 x 4 bricks.

In a tweet Lego announced the truck is “guaranteed shatterproof” – a cheeky reference to Tesla’s now-infamous Cybertruck debut.

During a presentation in Los Angeles attended by Tesla CEO Elon Musk last week, the $39,000 car’s “armor glass” windows instantly smashed when struck by a small metal ball.

The stunt was designed to show off the indestructible design of the the all-electric, battery-powered pickup truck, but has now gone viral.

After the first window shattered, Musk swore loudly and then claimed the metal ball had been thrown ‘a little too hard’ – seconds before another window was smashed.

Although Lego didn’t offer up any spoof video of its truck similarly falling short of expectations, one person hilariously re-edited the photo of the brick with shattered windows, and tagged Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen.

Other comments highlighted how Lego bricks are non-breakable and painful when walked on, with one person likening the experience to a “Danish landmine”.


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