Square – The Payment Processing Service Now Available In USA and Canada Offers a Free Reader for New Users

Square – The Payment Processing Service Now Available In USA and Canada Offers a Free Reader for New Users

The Payment Processing service offered by Square is exactly what your business needs – You get more power, more speed, and more reliability from the integrated system the Square service comes with

No matter if you have a physical store or an online store, if you send invoices or accept payments via phone or your computer, Square has you covered. The Square service offers a Reader for Magstripe that allows you to accept credit cards anywhere.

Moreover, you can do business anywhere with the Square Point of Sale that gives you everything you need with the free POS app to allow your employees to take payments on their smartphone or tablet. With this service you are also able to track sales in real time, build a customer directory, manage inventory, and much more.

Square keeps data secure at all times

You can rest assured your customers’ data is safe at all times, credit card information is encrypted at the moment of the swipe and Square does not store card data on the device after a payment has been processed.

Moreover, in case you do not have signal at a certain time, no need to worry, swipe payments without a connection are possible in the Offline Mode with paying the usual 2.75% per swipe.

Even more mobility

The credit card does not need a battery so there is no charging necessary. It’s compact and portable enough for you to carry in your pocket. This way you are ready to sell your products and process payments wherever the business takes you.

It is also easy to send receipts digitally via email or text message, or connect a receipt printer to a tablet and print them out. Plus, in the case of digital receipts, your customer can leave private feedback for your business.

Invoicing has never been so easy

Square makes invoicing an effortless and fast process. You can quickly create and send invoices from your computer or within Square POS. It is this easy:

  • Create the invoice by entering the customer’s information: name, email, and invoice amount.
  • Accept payments from customer online or in person, cash or checks at no charge.
  • Covers all your billing needs: one-time billing, repeat clients, or recurring payments.

What Square has to offer

Over 2 million businesses are now using Square to get paid. Our large client database is proof to the fact that we do everything to help our customers’ business and make accepting cards a fast, easy, and secure process for you. Rest assured, we do not have any hidden fees nor wish to lock you into long-term contracts.

The first reader is free at sign up, just go on the registration page and input your information, if you want to purchase additional readers you will only need to pay $10 for each one.

Square will help you get paid in four different ways and you can choose the most convenient option for you:

  • On a phone or tablet – either on the go or at your store
  • Via invoice
  • On your computer
  • On your website – for online stores

It is guaranteed you will get your money in your bank account the next business day, or instantly for a 1% fee. Your payments are easy and fast and you don’t need to make any bank visits or have a merchant account.

Your data as well as that of your customers is always secure, we follow industry requirements to keep data safe and you don’t have to worry about anything.